The advantages of playing video games

Two decades ago gaming was considered to be something reserved for children and adults who played games were considered to be immature. Nowadays things are changed. There are a lot of studies that have proven the advantages of playing games and why people of all ages should play video games. Of course just like any other hobby, gaming can turn into an addiction so be careful with the amount of time you spend playing games.

The following is a list of advantages that playing video games brings:

-          Playing video games can improve your memory and focus. This is especially important for adult players. Playing games that involve driving or sports can improve your attention skills and your multitasking ability.

-          This activity is also useful when it comes to stress. A lot of people feel very relaxed after playing some game for a while. Even people who are recovering after surgery found playing games as a useful method to overcome their post-surgery difficulties and depression.

-          Certain games can improve the motor skills in children. Games that are labeled as interactive are especially good for children. According to some researches children that played interactive games were more competent when it comes to object control skills.

As you can see there are many reasons why you should consider playing games no matter what your age is. With so many different games on the market it is hard to tell which one is the best for you. That’s why you should visit a website that provides objective games reviews and news from the gaming world. We highly recommend visiting , a website that will surely become your ultimate source for video games.

Why Unblocked Games At School Are A Good Idea

A lot of academic institutions believe in blocking out websites that present the opportunity to students to play online games. According to school authorities this is the right thing to do because it has a negative influence on children and takes away from their focus on academics. The people who enforce such rules in their schools are evidently those who belong to the old school of thought and are not adaptable to the change that has swept over the world. They think that just blocking certain websites blocked will keep young minds from the attraction of playing games online.

Blocked games- an obsolete way of law enforcement

Needless to say the point of view of young students is radically different. These students think it is a stupid idea to block games at school. They think it’s not just a obsolete way of enforcing rules and regulations on kids, it has quite the contrary impact. This means when online games are blocked in school it gives rise to a certain sort of resentment in kids and makes them stay away from academics even more. These students think that they have every right to access games online in school.

For those students who are bearing a grudge against their schools for enforcing such archaic laws there is good news. There are a lot of websites today that let you play unblocked games at school. And its not like you have a limited choice in these unblocked games. There are enough and many games across all categories such as puzzles, adventure, strategy and any other category that you may like to play. What’s best about such websites, is that they are absolutely free and you do not have to worry about incurring costs that your parents will be mad at you about.

Unblocked games could help you

All you need to play the thousands of games online is a good internet connection. In fact, if you are a senior student, it will be a good idea to arrange a debate in your school regarding these laws and rules set by so called disciplinarians who believe that it is good to block games in schools. It will be a good opportunity to make them see some reason. You kids are driven by logic and you very well know that these games are not just for entertainment, they teach you many soft and hard life skills. In the earlier days schools used to encourage children to join chess clubs and the likes. Chess is a game too! So when times have gone ahead, what is wrong with playing online strategy games, that help you increase your concentration?

It is therefore time that school authorities realised that there is nothing wrong with playing games when you are on the school premises. In fact it is good for you! If you take periodic breaks from boring classes and indulge in a little bit of play from time to time, it will help you get back refreshed to your lessons. However, we are not asking you to be an insubordinate or a rebel. Access the websites that give you options in playing unblocked games at school, but please don’t neglect your lessons!

A Quick Review of Hayden Hawke’s WoW Gold Guide

So for all you World of Warcraft players out there who have considered buying gold guides, this is a little review that will give you a better idea of just what your money will be paying for.

The first thing worth mentioning is that this gold guide caters to all level of players. From beginners to advanced players, from new players to vanilla veterans, from causal battleground players to hardcore raiders. It is also one of the most up-to-date guides, with the last update being for the MoP patch 5.4.

Now I haven’t used all the gold guides out there, but I have used most, and this one is definitely my favorite.


Mostly because of how incredibly thorough it is. With updates regularly, and with it being rewritten each time an expansion is released, it never gets left in the old times unlike most gold guides. In fact, due to the writer spending most of her time on the PTRs, she releases her updates almost as soon as the patches get released. You really won’t get updates quicker than this.

It also doesn’t matter what parts of World of Warcraft you prefer, it will have something for you. From the Auction House to all the professions, from grinding to dailies. Which ever you enjoy doing, there will be tips for you in this guide.

Honestly, I am struggling to find anything negative to say about it. It is even one of the more reasonably priced guides! If you are going to drop some money on a gold guide, then this would be the one I recommend.

I hope this has been helpful. If you would like to read more of my stuff, or read this review in more depth then head on over to my WoW Guides review site for more content!

Making Money with Online Casinos

WoW and gambling have a lot more in common than most people realize. So why not put your skills to the test and compete for cash? The biggest cliché in the self help industry is that you should pursue a career that you love. If you love to play games and gamble, you’ve come to the right place indeed. Online casino games combine the glamour and excitement of the Las Vegas strip with the comfort and convenience of an online gaming interface.

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Nowadays you can play mobile casino games while you’re on the go. If you are stuck in a long lineup or commuting on public transit, there is nothing better to do than to try your hand at an online slots game. Within the time span of 20 minutes you could make more money than at your 9 to 5 job. Indeed, this is an unrivalled opportunity to change your whole lifestyle within an extremely short period of time.

Contrary to popular belief, no legislation has allowed various online casinos to accept players from the US. As such, there is no better to “go all in” and take advantage of an unparalleled opportunity to make a killing while having fun. Online gambling always produce big winners. This is not a pie in the sky envelope stuffing scheme. Mobile casino winners can make fortunes rivalling that of the legends on Las Vegas Boulevard. With the legalization, the flock of new American players means that the pots are only going to get bigger. There has never been a better time to live the lifestyle of a Las Vegas high roller.

We have sifted through a plethora of popular online gaming sites and only listed the ones which we believe are the best. Whether you like to play online casino from the comfort of your bedroom or in the middle of a lunch meeting at the office, you can use the exact same login credentials from both devices. This is just one example of how gambling sites are overhauling their systems to improve the user experience. Many new sites offer facebook registration. This speeds up the sign up process and gives you an awesome opportunity to make effortless bonus cash by referring your friends.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

Blizzard is about is launch the next expansion to their popular Diablo series of games. With Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls expansion just about a month away, you’ll want to start playing this action role playing game and track all your progress and stats. has developed a unique ladder which will allow you to import any character and track permanent data points with detailed stats.

The site also features articles and guides, live streaming of players, diablo 3 forums and just recently a fan page in facebook for people to get together.

Diablo 3 was a huge hit in 2013 with many gamers spending countless hours playing the game. Well it looks like they have a reason to be hooked again really soon (March 25th to be exact) as the expansion pack Reaper Of Souls is going to drop.

Reaper Of Souls gives Diablo 3 players who felt they had seen all the game had to offer a reason to get back into the game. At first Reaper Of Souls will only be released for PC and Mac, but Blizzard have gone on record to say that the console versions of the game will get the expansion at some point as well. Here are just a few of the new features that Reaper Of Souls will have.

New Features

Great Story
Extended story to continue your adventure with brand new areas to explore.

New Character Class: The Crusader
Brand new class with a whole host of new abilities, skills and items.

Adventure Mode
Re playability with end game modes allowing you to revisit areas in the campaign mode for extra bonuses.

Increased Level Cap
New skills are available with the level cap increased to 70

The Mystic
An artisan that will upgrade your item stats at the cost of gold

Check all this out in time for the expansion at

Minecraft Gear Online

There is no denying that Minecraft has become a phenomenon when it comes to games and general interactivity but for some of us we like to show our love for the digital world in our own world. Yes lovers of Minecraft there is an online store dedicated to bringing you actual gear. Minecraft Gear found at is much more than what you would think of as gear as there is everything from t-shirts and hoodies to Mincraft swords, pick axes and much more. There simply is no denying the fact that you favor the craft and for other lovers of the game they will certainly wish to strike up a conversation with someone wielding a pick axe or with a vinyl Minecraft Steve on their desk. The inventory is large and the items are awesome so if you wish to see what all is available for offer then simply click on the link in order to be transferred directly to the website where you can begin collecting all the latest and greatest gear for you or someone who loves the game as much if not more than you yourself loves it. So click on the link and check out the items available and soon you may even spark the interest of a certain someone.

The Latest and Greatest FIFA 14 News and Cheats

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the actual sport or not, FIFA has become the go to game for football (soccer) fans and just good gamers looking to show off their skills in the arena. Since the debut of FIFA we have watched as the game has continually progressed to become a true gaming experience filled with life like movement and reactions to real life scenarios. With massive improvements in gameplay and an absolute paradigm shift in interactivity and online game play makes FIFA 14 the go to game for several different reasons. With EA Sports being the dominate force of good/evil sports related games continuing to invest multiples of millions of dollars in order to develop more realistic coding and even fewer glitches has made the game solid and now with the introduction of the XBOX One and the PS4 we see higher powered game consoles able to deliver higher resolutions as well as keep up with processing speeds in order to give a nice smooth overall gameplay. One issue is that there (like all debut consoles) are glitches and bugs that can cause aggravating to downright bizarre happenings to you and your game and therefore there are often times updates that are coded after the game goes up for sale publicly.

Usually there are a number of updates and overall news that surround the game as well as information about upcoming tournaments online and at venues and that is why we have searched various websites for the best and newest updates as we are like you in the fact that we want to see more info than what is typically broadcast to us through say XBOX Live or EA Sports. That is when we scour the internet and find a top website that gives us all the information we need such as what to expect in the coming weeks and months as well as debunking the myths and flat out lies that seem to swirl online. We also looked to find information such as tournaments and just neat news that is related to FIFA and/or one of the new gaming consoles.

For those that are having fits with the game as well as want hints as to how to unlock certain items then you will be pleased that the website we have linked to in this article also has a cheats and informative tips on general gameplay and more. With the cheats you can unlock various items faster and can also assist in the dealings of someone that is a little better than yourself at gameplay online. Once you find out just how much information and cheating content there is available to you then you will see why we have been so enthralled to deliver the news of this website. It see more info about the FIFA 14 game and cheats then simply click on the link provided for you in this article then you will instantly be transferred.

Trade In Detectives

At Trade In Detectives, we are proud to be the best game console price comparison site online. We have proudly built our brand upon a gimmick free site where you can investigate and get the best deal for your used goods. Now, we have further enhanced our site by offering a portal that finds the best retail prices for you.

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When two gaming worlds collide!

Sometimes as a world of Warcraft player, you want to leave the RPG world and set sail on a different gaming style, and sometimes it happens to be the amazing indie smash hit Minecraft. If you don’t already know about Minecraft, it’s an indie sandbox style game created originally by one man, and is now a global phenomenon and that same popularity has taken the game to heights even the developer Notch wouldn’t even dream.

Enter Crafting Azeroth. Although it’s not exactly like Wow, its main purpose is truly amazing. This map is really a group project who plan on replicating the World of Warcraft environment in Minecraft for all to use, play, and download.

The map or project is truly amazing. The detail will probably blow you away, with full replication of Mt. Hyjal, Blackrock Mountain, and plans on doing new areas like Pandaria, if you’re a Wow player looking to slowly work into the world of Minecraft, this mod is for you.

The map project itself is over 500 sq Kilometers in size and contains over 100 billion blocks, and includes almost all dungeons and caves are available, just as long as it wasn’t an instance, those are off limits for the time being.

The new version of Crafting Azeroth contains double the content of the original beta version, including the new continents of Outland, Northrend & the Great Sea, as well as the original continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Additionally, many zones that first appeared in the beta version have been re-generated using newly added blocks and features, so it’s not completely polished and finished, but much better than the beta version.

You can easily use and download the current version by visiting Minecraft Mods, downloading Crafting Azeroth, and follow the video instructions for installation.

So, if you’re ever looking to add a bit of sand to your life but don’t want to leave Azeroth, don’t worry, there’s a group of individuals out there who feel the exact same way! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and I hope to see you on Azeroth both in Minecraft and in Wow!

The Best Xbox Cheat Codes

Do you remember those endless childhood days drinking Powerade and playing Age of Empires? If not, you’ll probably have some fond memories of bonding with friends over Super Mario Nintendo games. Whatever the game, we’ve got all the Xbox cheat codes resources you’ll ever need to relive the excitement of classic and newly released games.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular gaming consoles is the Xbox 360. While Microsoft released a new and vastly improved system, the Xbox 360 still offers an unbeatable graphics, sound and P2P experience for an affordable price.

Hundreds of millions of dollars was invested in marketing GTA5. There’s little doubt that this game offers the most stunning visuals and graphics produced in the gaming industry thus far.  The premises of the fun and possibilities this award winning game can offer you and your friends is exciting to say the least.

Let’s face it. If you are part of the working world it can be next to impossible to spend some quality time glued to the TV screen. Luckily, our cheats will set  you on the fast-track to beating your basement dwelling buddies or baby cousin. Many people don’t even bother to follow the storyline of the GTAV game. Many people can’t get enough on going out of sudden death fights with their friends. To prepare for such chaotic circumstances it is essential that you are familiar with the essential melee attack cheats. All you need to go is hit the buttons in the following order:  Right, Left, A, Y, RB, B(3), LT