Sandbox Fixes 01/01

The following bug fixes have occured:

-Mouseover tooltips of haste, hit and crit fixed
-various talents correctly applied
-various abilities fixed (ie arcane barrage, divine storm)
-healing removed from item tooltips, calculations are now hidden, as per Blizzard tooltips.
-various corrections made to stat calculations (melee/ranged attack power, hit, crit, haste, expertise, agi to crit, int to spellcrit, various ratings)
-a belt buckle can now be added via the right-click menu (belt, gloves, bracers)
-racials corrected

Additionally, I stuffed some more itemcache.wdb files (wowwiki: itemcache.wdb is the WDB file containing most of the information on items downloaded from the servers) in the database, hopefully this included the missing Season 5 and Tier gear. If you are still missing items, you can send your itemcache.wdb to my email if you know yours contain the missing items.  Thanks to everyone who send me their files :)

Please continue reporting class mechanic bugs :)

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