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    One of the main reasons why many entrepreneurs do not dare to start the business you have in mind, it is because they do not feel sufficiently prepared.

    The truth is that one is never prepared to undertake. There are business lessons only learn when you will be encouraged to create your company ... But What to do while we encourage you to take the first step?

    Then I share a number of lessons that are essential to succeed in business. You can start working on each of these points to strengthen your character, gain confidence and develop entrepreneurial skills that every entrepreneur must master.

    What do I need to learn to succeed in business?

    1. Respect your time and that of others

    In business, time is a nonrenewable resource and invaluable.

    A successful person knows that he can earn more money on binary options site, but can never gain more time; why he will always respect your time and that of others.

    Being punctual is synonymous with commitment, responsibility and respect. If you want to be taken seriously in business, punctuality is not optional ... is essential.

    And punctuality is not just to be on time to your meetings, but also to deliver on time your commitments to customers, partners and allies. Make a habit of punctuality and a principle in your life, your work and your business.

    2. Learn to accept criticism with intelligence

    Be assured that you will criticize. Some criticisms are destructive and other construction. You must be smart enough to know what to listen to and which to ignore criticism.

    Some reviews will be very strong, but you must be stronger to that criticism help you grow instead of derrumbarte.

    3. Addressing the problems as challenges, not obstacles

    Lessons for emprendedoresSi worth, will not be easy. The road is full of challenges venture will help you grow as you go beating.

    If you are someone who says "Why me?", Each time facing a problem, you are spending very badly in business. Better ask yourself: Why is this happening? What should I learn from this that is happening to me ?.

    The vast majority choose to surrender to the problems, but you're not like most. An entrepreneur sees opportunities there where others only see problems.

    Use every stone on your way as a stepping stone to keep climbing. Every problem you face with patience and determination, will leave valuable lessons to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur.

    4. Working for goals and dreams, not money

    If you want fast and secure money, probably what you need it is a job. After 15 days you will receive your first payment.

    When you start a business, you must learn to work for goals and dreams; and that means, in many cases, sacrificing profits in the short term in exchange for achieving what you set out.

    Undertake focusing only on money you will give up when financial results are not what you expected. But if you focus on something more important than money, as a purpose or dream, it is when you realize that it really worth making sacrifices.

    5. Believe in yourself, but nobody else does

    First negocioCreer you when everyone agrees with you, it's easy, but ... Are you ready to believe in you, but nobody else does? Now that's difficult.

    Will you give up your dreams and your ideals when others do not believe in them? What will you do if you suddenly abandon those who you thought would always support you?

    Entrepreneurship is a path full of uncertainty in which nothing is safe, but anything is possible. Sometimes you will have to follow your instinct, but everything else is against you. On the way some people are going to go on your side because their ideals no longer match yours and you feel alone ... Are you ready to fight for your goals, even if you touch it alone?

    6. Acquire the habits of saving and investment

    Financial discipline is key to business success. It is common to see that new business partner profits are distributed to the extent that they obtain therefore no savings, no investment, no growth. In fact, there are businesses who spend all the time working to address the financial needs of its owners.

    No matter your business to generate much or little money, it is essential that destinies of income for savings and savings from those you establish investment plans that allow you to grow. Otherwise your business will simply engage survive.

    Before starting a business, be sure to acquire healthy financial habits and develop your financial intelligence. Everything you learn about how to manage your money, will allow you to make better decisions in your business.

    7. Public Speaking

    As a businessman you'll have to interact with customers, suppliers and partners. You'll have to participate in events and speak in front of the media on behalf of your company. If you are unable to express yourself effectively, you could lose big business opportunities for your company, then it is not more you practice public speaking with confidence, determination and confidence.

    You do not need to become an expert speaker, but if you help improve your diction, manage your nonverbal communication and learn to express your ideas clearly and concisely.

    8. Know sell

    Business exitososMe dare say with confidence that the most important skill for every entrepreneur is knowing how to sell. No matter what question your business or what your role within it, in the end you have to interact with the market if you really want to succeed.

    Knowing sell does not mean only convince someone to buy you but also convince potential allies and partners who believe in your ideas, to convince investors that trust you and convince your employees that believe in your mission.

    9. Do what you must, but do not want

    Undertake about doing what you love, even when they do not want to. Incoherent sounds, right? ... How not going to want to do something you love? So that's it. For more you love what you do, there will be days when you do not want to. There will be days when you will too lazy to go to open your business, there will be days when you will feel tired, there will be days when you think it is easier to get a job you security, there will be days when you do not you endure your customers or your employees ... and it is precisely in those days you must remember why you started and why surrender is not an option for you.

    You must be self-disciplined. If you need someone you're giving orders that you get in action, then you'll be better in a job. In business you must be your own motivation.

    10. Learn to work together

    It's amazing how much it costs teamwork. We believe it is easier to undertake alone because we have to discuss our ideas with anyone, do not have to share the profits of the business and not have to depend on others to get the job done right; but the reality is that large companies come from great teams.

    Teaming means finding the best and attach them to your business, trust them and know how to delegate.

    A successful team is one in which its members have complementary skills and passionately work interdependently. Learn to surround yourself with people with the same desire to succeed you and then you will understand the power of teamwork.

    11. Learn to prioritize

    You negocioscuando start a business, it is very easy to get distracted trying to take every opportunity passes before your eyes. In fact, the leading cause of business failure is lack of focus.

    At the beginning you will have to prioritize and choose very well how to focus your energies and resources, or you end up doing a lot and getting little. Undertaking is not about how many hours you work, but what results you are getting.

    Focus on what's important. Do one thing and do it better anyone else.

    12. Learn to say NO

    If you say yes to everything, you might be saying NO to the important things. You're doing business, not playing Monopoly. Here decisions that help the sustainable development of your business are taken, and that means saying no to many things, many opportunities and many people.

    When thou goest, many of your friends are going to approach you to ask job or to propose business, but you should always ask whether to hire that friend or accept that business is most convenient for your business. Some of your friends will feel they have changed and will leave you, but deep down you know you've fought hard to remain the same person.

    Say NO, he does not make you a bad person. You did not come to this world to meet the expectations of others. Who you really appreciate and understand you, admire you grow and become a mature person and character, which is able to make decisions with insight and intelligence.

    13. Finish what you start

    In fact the world is full of people who every day want to try something new, but most give up before they get any results.

    If you are used to give your projects and let half everything you start, it is more likely that you achieve ever build a sustainable business.

    The odds that fail in your first attempt to do business, are high. If you leave after the first attempt, life will be frustrated thinking that business is not for you. But if you really want to be successful, you have to try again. After failing, your chances of success increase significantly with each new attempt.

    14. Give the extra effort

    A Chinese proverb says that "The temptation to quit is never as strong as when you are about to achieve your goal."

    Although you run out of energy and without strength, make a last effort. The great achievements require great sacrifices. The battle does not end when you fall, but when you give up.

    When you give the extra effort, you break your limits and grow in every sense of the word.

    15. Develop a beginner Mentality

    Having a beginner Mentality means to walk through life as an eternal apprentice who, with humility and enthusiasm, is full of knowledge and experience.

    No matter how far you go or how many things get, you always have the opportunity to learn something new.

    The day you start your business, you will feel an indescribable emotion and your mind will be filled with enthusiasm across the road you start to go. That excitement and the illusion of starting something new, you must keep them alive in your mind and in your heart every day you open your business.

    16. Surrender body and soul for what you love

    No business entrepreneur start a Williamson thinking of all that the business can give you, but all you can give to your business. Embark on something you love, something that makes you forget the physical boundaries and makes you lose track of time.

    Andy Freire, author of Passion for launch, says: "Close your eyes and ask yourself: What am undertaking or what I like to undertake, is something that would be willing to fail ?, if the answer is no, better not goest. "

    When you love what you do, fears dissipate and your mind is willing to take risks and do crazy things.

    The things you have in your head lead you to achieve the possible. The things you have in your heart lead you to achieve the impossible. Fall in love with your ideals, not your ideas.

    If you're not ready to surrender body and soul for what you love, you're probably not ready to undertake.

    If you do not yet feel ready to begin, here are 16 points on which to work so that when you finally make the decision to start your business, you have part of the path ... But beware of falling into error believe that to take the first step you need to see the whole staircase.


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